For centuries, females have been employing honey for hair. Today, I’m sharing just 3 basic methods you can use this sweetener in your existing hair care program.

What Are the Rewards of Honey?

Honey is an organic humectant. This indicates that it has the capability to entice moisture which can be excellent for textured hair which craves moisture. When the temps are quite reasonable to higher, humectants draw moisture from the air. When the temperature gets cooler and drier, even though, they’ll draw the moisture from your hair. You might locate the best benefits if you use it in the course of the transitional months when the weather is not also intense as in the winter when your hair may possibly dry out or in the summer- when your hair may possibly swell and wreck any definition you’re striving to keep.

Honey also gives hair a great shine plus it has antioxidant and antibacterial properties which help hold the scalp healthful and market growth. No matter how you use it, you are bound to see great final results!

As a Rinse/Spritz

This is an excellent ultimate rinse to restore boring hair to shiny curls and coils!

  • 1 tsp honey;
  • 4 cups warm water.

Mix the honey into the warm water. Pour it more than your hair or apply to utilize a spray bottle for simpler coverage. DO NOT RINSE OUT! This comes following you have shampooed your hair. You can even include your favorite essential oil for some further hair advantages and fragrance.

As a Pre-Poo Treatment

Use this simple recipe to give you each moisture and shine!

  • one/2 cup honey;
  • 1/4 cup olive oil.

Just combine the honey and olive oil collectively and apply to your hair in sections until fully coated. Cover with a plastic cap for thirty minutes. Shampoo, rinse design.

As a Deep Conditioner

With the additional rewards of banana and coconut oil, this deep conditioning mask will not only give you moisture and shine but it’ll also strengthen your strands! Banana has also been known to be great for flaky scalp concerns.

  • one ripe banana;
  • two tbsp honey;
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil.

Mash the banana and add the coconut oil and honey. Use a blender or hand mixer to combine the components and develop a smooth consistency. Apply as you would any deep conditioner. Cover with a plastic cap and towel. Depart on for thirty minutes and rinse totally.

These are just a number of the numerous approaches you can use honey in distinct steps of your regimen. How have YOU used honey for your hair?