Love the volume and fluffiness of a blowout but not positive how to maintain the seem for far more than a day without beginning all over once again? Here are 3 easy heat-totally free methods you can extend your blowout!

Twist It

When searching to extend your blowout, this is possibly the simplest factor you can do. I, for one, use this technique to hold my hair stretched with just the proper amount of “poof” when I take my twists down. For my length and density, I do about 6 or 7 loose twists- just adequate to preserve my hair from tangling up on itself but not also several to give a complete great deal of definition as with a twist-out (because that is not what I’m going for). A very best element is, it is super fast!

Braid It

The effectiveness of braiding is along the same lines as twisting- keeping the hair detangled. The difference is you will get even much more of stretch with this technique because the hair is held tauter. It could take a small longer to do than twisting but if you’re a person who requirements those roots to stay intact (I’m personally not also fussy about that), then braiding/plaiting is a good way to go to help extend your blowout. Yet again, the identical rule applies- you just want a few big plaits to get that stretch and preserve the hair detangled.

Bun It

Right after a prolonged day of huge, fluffy hair realness, just grab your detangling brush or a styling brush and pull your hair back into a low bun. Bunning your hair will give you an even additional stretch than braiding. Plus, when it’s time to consider it out, it is just a single factor you have to fear about rather than a bunch of twists or braids. Just unravel, shake and go. If you recognize an indentation exactly where your scrunchie or ponytail holder used to be, just mist Extremely lightly with water and brush it out.

Swift Tip

Frequent with the humidity of summertime, your hair could commence reverting to its kinky/curly state for the duration of the course of the day and may possibly trigger some tangling. In this situation, you may locate it useful to apply just a minor depart-in conditioner or your moisturizer of the decision before manipulating the hair so it is less difficult to control. Start from the ends and operate your way up to the roots to detangle and proceed with 1 of these strategies as normal.