We received a natural hair style request from one of the members of Top Natural Hair Videos.com for their fine hair.

It seems that some styles that work for others like two strand twists may not produce the same desired results on fine and thin textured hair. I totally understand seeing as my hair texture is a mix of thick and fine. My hair is very fine in the front so I actually place a roller on the ends for volume and deeper curl.

Some people have fine and thin hair because of genetics. Others have this issue due to poor maintenance and over-processing. If you’re hair troubles are due to the latter then overtime you can restore and actually strengthen your hair. For those who were born with this grade of hair you will have to learn to appreciate it and figure out what styles and products are going to work best to give you the look that you want.

Because we are a community that provides inspiration, support and encouragement, its only fitting that I find several videos to speak to this challenge. The video above will be the first of a five part series that address natural hair styles and products for fine and thin hair.

My hope is that these videos will help you brainstorm on ideas for hairstyles and techniques that you can use to look your very best. I also encourage all natural hair enthusiasts of TNHV.com to leave their comments and share their thoughts of what they have done to overcome this issue.

I’ve got the same kind of hair that your daughter has – very fine, very straight, slightly oily. Here’s a hairstyle suggestion I use a lot, that bypasses a lot of the problems.

  1. Get about 6 of those little tiny hair clips, I think they call them butterfly clips, they are like little spring loaded plastic clips with ‘teeth’. Brush clean hair straight back, off the face, no parts.
  2. old it well, everything stays in place, you don’t need much hairspray, and it looks ‘fancy’ because you can buy nice clips for cheap, and the hair isn’t hanging about everywhere. You can also clip in a bit of baby’s breath if you need to.

Fine, thin, straight hair is very misunderstood.

I also recommend having her hair trimmed a week before, bad ends really makes fine hair difficult.