In current months, I’ve had many request me about texturizers, texlax or whatever other names they appear to go by these days. They’ve read or witnessed advertisements major them to feel that it is an organic way to develop bountiful curls, loosen tightly coiled curls, and make hair more manageable. It is also portrayed as a safer way (much less damaging) to “elongate” organic curls and nevertheless stay all-natural. Is it accurate? Is it risk-free? Can it be used to help in the transitioning phase? Right here are some solutions to some regularly asked queries about texturizers.

Texturizer –  defined as a mild kind of a relaxer, applied to the hair for a quick sum of time usually utilized with a comb via technique enabling tightly coiled curls to be offered a “more desirable, loosely defined” curl pattern.

“Texturizers are entirely protected.”

The myth that texturizers are entirely risk-free is left open to interpretation. Texturizers are typically composed of the same elements as a relaxer. The difference that makes them “safer”, is that they are usually milder, containing a lot more conditioners and oils. BUT…At the end of the day, it is a relaxer. The fact that it is needed to remain on the hair for a shorter quantity of time than a relaxer also has organizations advertising them as risk-free, but, if you depart it on also lengthy, curls will be completely straightened with no likelihood of them reverting back. Secure? Unlikely.

“Texturizers are the best way to elongate curls.”

Texturizers are the perfect way to elongate curls. This is not a lie. But, hair will no longer be natural, it will be chemically taken care of. Also, simply because the curl pattern has been loosened, hair strands will be finer, dropping some of the denseness to the hair. So, if you are looking for goods to elongate your curl pattern, but not fully and completely alter them, try out merchandise this kind of as:

  1. Moisture Stretch Curl Extending Cream by Mizani.
  2. Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Aloe Correct Styling Gel.
  3. Dark and Beautiful Au Naturale Curl Defining Creme Glaze.
  4. Design and style Essentials Curl Stretching Cream.

Merchandise this kind of as people listed above will give the sought after look of elongated curls, with no the long term stain of chemically treating your hair.

“Texturizers let curls to be a lot more manageable”

The reason most uncover their curls to be unmanageable is a sense of the multitude of curls patterns that are intermingled on one particular head. Texturizers supply curl uniformity, thus producing curls far more manageable. But, keep in thoughts, the curl uniformity is induced by chemically treating the hair, and can not be undone. It is my suggestion that if you battle to control your diverse curl patterns, consider using the twist out or braid out methods, finger coils or flat twist outs.

“Texturizers give wonderful, stunning bountiful curls”

In my viewpoint, even though texturizers may possibly loosen curls, it doesn’t produce massive bountiful curls. It could permit for much better definition, but most have knowledgeable limp curls. Now it does make for a great foundation for setting on rods or rollers, but the curls themselves may come out a bit “lifeless”.

“Texturizers help make the transitioning approach easier”

It has been said that texturizers make the transitioning procedure easier. This is a catch 22. However it tends to make the transition less complicated by loosening the texture, placing less pressure on the line of demarcation, it can make for a longer transition simply because you will even now have to transition out of the texturizer in buy to be completely chemical free- doubling your transitioning phase.   Also, remember that simply because the curls have been elongated – generating for an “easier: transition, as the new development comes in, you will have to reapply in order to have matching curl patterns. Otherwise, you will be left with two different textures, a line of demarcation (exactly where the distinct textures meet), defeating the purpose of texturizing. Also, your chance of overlapping the previously handled strands, which can lead to chemical injury and/or straighten hair.

“Texturizers are curls-in-a-box”

When I initially went normal, I would get stopped 4 to 5 times a week with the question: “What did you place on your hair to get the curl??” Thinking they were referring to my definition, I would inform them gel or water or a combination of kinds. They would reply “No, I suggest what did you use to get your curls??” Puzzled, I’d request what they meant by the query, and they’d make reference to some kind of texturizer. I’d laugh and reply, “You can’t buy curls in a box”. This is the most significant misconception. But it is essential to know that if your hair is loose or does not have a curl pattern, this kind of as people described as obtaining “z” pattern textures, and you apply a texturizer, it isn’t going to provide a curl pattern, but really the opposite. I have noticed this happen, and the benefits are horrifying. The hair usually ends up bone straight and/or limp, leaving the person having to Big Chop or transition all above once again. Texturizers simply loosen tightly coiled curls, but really don’t provide curls to previously loosened wavy or undefined “z” patterned hair.

It is so quite essential to be aware of ingredients, application approach, and hazards of texturizers. I am not towards them, but as with all chemical compounds, pose a possible threat if misused. Also, the use of them depends on the preferred search you are wanting to attain.

There are pros and cons to texturizers, so do a little research, and grow to be informed prior to proceeding. The worse issue ever is to experiment with your organic hair, only to have to start in excess of. I went via the total, “Oh it’s just hair”, but when you have to start off from scratch, its a different story. I big chopped for the umpteenth time back in November after “texlaxing” and sporting my hair in a cute style that I loved for possibly 2 weeks. And though I knew the dangers, knew what I was doing, and loved my benefits, it pained me to begin more than right after no longer desiring to dress in my hair in that distinct design.