There are a couple of things more embarrassing than heading to the bathroom following an essential function assembly or in the center of a day only to see that your (meticulously applied) makeup has made its way off of your lids and lashes and decided to settle in dark circles beneath your eyes. Wonderful.

This stellar situation transpires for an amount of factors, in accordance with the specialists we spoke with. Study on for their guidance on how to stay away from the dreaded raccoon-eye syndrome and pro-tested suggestions for retaining your makeup exactly where it belongs.

1. Verify your makeup’s expiration date.

Older make-up is flakier make-up, in accordance to actress and design CariDee English, who gained cycle 7 of America’s Upcoming Top Product. “Most makeup and beauty merchandise have a small quantity and letter on the packaging that tells you how prolonged it’s excellent for,” she suggests. “For example, your mascara might say ’12M’ on the packaging, so if it’s been longer than 12 months, toss it!” When makeup expires, the chemical compounds within it can crack down, meaning it won’t operate the way it’s supposed to.

2. Prime your lids.

The eyelid region creates a great deal of oil, English claims, so it’s essential to apply a base to make certain shadows and eyeliners remain set.

Kate O’Brien, a founder of make-up brand name Alima Pure, implies very first dampening your brush just slightly with clean drinking water when implementing your base so your make-up will not budge soon after software. Then, utilize a natural eye product initial, bringing it up to the lid so that it acts as a primer. “I enable it dry for a couple of minutes and then I utilize my eyeshadow, followed by eyeliner,” she points out. “By that position, the eye product will not be soaked, relatively a bit tacky, acting as the best primer for eyeshadow and eyeliner.” To further lay a foundation, she advises implementing a lighter shadow shade prior to layering on a darker color.

3. Embrace the spool.

English swears by this instrument, which is basically the stop of a mascara wand (with no solution on it) or eyebrow brush. “It’s fantastic for combing by way of your eyelashes to make confident they are all straight and untangled,” she clarifies. “If you swipe on layers of mascara on tangled or bent eyelashes, the mascara will flake off easier simply because the tubing of the mascara product—what coats your eyelashes— has a more challenging time adhering.”

4. Conceal soon after applying your eye makeup.

Following you’re completed with your eye makeup, utilize a gentle concealer under your eyes, O’Brien states. By carrying out this stage soon after shadow, liner, and mascara, you are going to be in a position to wipe off any surplus solution that landed there without ruining your confront makeup. In addition, concealer will support fight oiliness, retaining your under-eye spot clean and clear.

5. Refresh as essential.

Despite your greatest endeavors, makeup can even now at times get trapped in your below-eye region owing to watery eyes and dryness (especially in chilly, wintertime months). O’Brien suggests she carries a modest pot of coconut oil in her purse for mid-day contact-ups since it doubles as a makeup remover and moisturizer as nicely. “If I need to refresh my makeup, our Satin Finishing Powder does the trick,” she adds. “It’ll suit flawlessly in your purse”.